Chicco Bravo Trio System Review

If you are looking for a more convenient type of stroller that is compatible with your infant car seat, choose the Chicco Bravo Trio System. This travel system stroller offers a variety of features that allows you to take care of your baby better.

It has a removable seat that can be transformed into a lightweight KeyFit carrier so you can bring it easily outside. When your baby becomes a toddler, you can attach the KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat to the stroller frame using an adapter.

The KeyFit car seat attaches securely to the stroller, making sure that your child is safe and sound as you walk around. However, if your toddler is too tall for the seat, the stroller has its own seat to accommodate your growing child. It can hold up to 50 lbs. of weight so that you don’t have to buy another stroller but can use the Bravo for a long time.

Aside from these, there are other features that parents will like. There is a parent tray where you can put your important belongings such as a smartphone and bottled water.

The handle can be adjusted to your comfortable level and is also padded so you can push the stroller with ease. Under the stroller, you will find huge storage for your baby’s diapers or for your bags. When it’s time to go home, you can simply fold the stroller and carry it to the car. It even stands on its own, too.


  • Comes with a KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat
  • Easy to remove car seat that fits a sturdy stroller
  • The stroller also functions as a full-featured stroller that holds up to 50 lbs. of weight
  • Has a padded and adjustable handle for parent’s comfort
  • The stroller features a one-hand and self-standing fold as well as a carrier handle for portability
  • Includes an adjustable seat that reclines to multiple positions and transforms into a lightweight KeyFit carrier
  • Has extra-large canopy to protect the baby from sunshine
  • Safety feature includes a 5-point harness
  • Features a huge basket and a parent tray for all your belongings


The Chicco Bravo Trio System has been gaining popularity and is considered as one of the best travel system strollers today. It is because you can use it for a variety of purposes: a carrier, travel system, and as a full-featured stroller.

This way, you can use it even if your infant grows into a toddler. With these amazing features, you can say that this product offers a great value for money. You only have one purchase but you get three amazing baby essentials.

When it comes to versatility, this product is a sure thing. The removable seat of the stroller can be transformed into a lightweight carrier that you can easily bring anywhere. You just have to attach the adapter, remove it from the stroller, and you are ready to go.

When it’s time to get in the car, the KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat attaches securely to the base. It is also sure to be compatible with the stroller using an adapter. If the KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat becomes too small for your child, you can still use the stroller because it has its own seat that reclines to multiple positions. Even if your child grows up to 50 lbs., rest assured that this stroller is sturdy and reliable.

For parent’s convenience, the manufacturer designed an adjustable handle with comfortable pad. There is also a tray and a huge storage that you can access from the rear.

Here you can put your important things such as a smartphone, baby diapers, and bottles. Other features worth mentioning are the one-hand fold system, auto-swivel wheels, and self-standing fold that make the stroller portable.


The Chicco Bravo Trio System has a good design that most parents will like. However, it is not perfect like other brands on the market. One of the common complaints about this product is its weight.

It seems like the stroller and the car seat combination is heavy, especially if there is a sleeping child in there. Aside from this, the full-feature stroller is too big for toddlers.

Kids often slide even if they are buckled up. Good thing, the car seat is big enough to accommodate most kids. But in that case, you have to attach it to the stroller.


With all its unique and outstanding features, you can say that the Chicco Bravo Trio System is indeed one of the best. It saves you a lot of money to buy one product that you can use for many purposes and for a long time.

One thing that you will really like about is the full-feature stroller for bigger kids. And though there are some drawbacks, there is no doubt that this product beats other products with the same price.