Is A Travel System Stroller Safe?

When it comes to purchasing baby products and equipment, safety should always come first before the features. In the stroller category, one of the trending products today is the travel system stroller.

This often comes with a car seat that fits perfectly to the stroller. They also come with a variety of features. But how sure can parents be that this is safe for their beloved infants?

Find out the answer by learning about the advantages, disadvantages, usability, as well as the travel system stroller safety ratings below.

Types of Travel System Strollers

There are at least two types of travel system strollers, which are classified according to size and weight. One of them is a full sized stroller which is big and bulky. Because of the size, you can expect that this type offers huge storage space for all your baby items.

Aside from this, they often have cup holders, adjustable handles, reversible or reclining seats, and bells. The other type is called the lightweight travel system. Since some parents find it hard to carry bulky strollers like the full-sized travel system, manufacturers started to make lighter and easier to carry travel systems.

Most of them have lesser features and only weigh 20 or 22 lbs. Some brands still manage to fit all the necessary features in this compact stroller, giving you a better choice. With this innovation, you can now find full-sized travel systems that weigh around 25 lbs. On the other hand, both types can carry 30 to 50 lbs. of load.


Buying a travel system stroller saves you from the hassle of finding the right car seat that fits your stroller. It makes transferring your child to or from the car faster and easier. It does not only offer convenience for parents but safety for infants.

Children who are under six months are in their development stage and have no control over their body. They always need help lifting their head because they cannot move their neck yet. Therefore, unclipping or moving the whole car seat is safer than removing your child from it.

You can perform the assembly process without having to move your baby from the carrier. This is even more effective or beneficial if you have to move a sleeping infant. Furthermore, the colors and materials of both the car seat and stroller are matching.

So if you are a parent who loves to look good and be stylish, this type of stroller is what you are looking for.


Children grow fast which is why car seats should be big enough to accommodate them. But since car seats of a travel system fit to its stroller, this means that the stroller is big and bulky.

One disadvantage of a bulky stroller is it is hard to pack, especially if your compartment is already full. Aside from this, they are also hard to maneuver through narrow alleys and small spaces. While you can choose to convert the car seat into a basket, it is awkward and inconvenient to carry.

However, if you are willing to explore the internet, you might be able to find a lighter and smaller travel system stroller from companies that never stop reinventing.


Since a travel system stroller has more features, they are more expensive than a standard stroller. The most expensive ones often have a lot of features that you might not need at all. However, most of the time they also have more safety features.

You will also find simpler travel systems that will only cost you around $100. Whatever type or design are you going to buy, make sure that it has a 5-point safety harness, brakes, as well as storage.

Safety Ratings

Travel system stroller safety ratings are approved and tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Before a travel system stroller arrives on the market for sale, it should pass the standards and follow the specifications given by the NHTSA.

While there are reviews online that talk about the safety of a particular product, it does not mean that they are safer than other brands. To make sure that the product you are buying is safe, see to it that it is NHTSA approved and has a warranty. You might also want to check the list of travel system strollers recalled by manufacturers.