Review of gb Lyfe Travel System

New parents will ultimately have to make some tough decisions about the traveling products they’re going to buy for their baby. It can be tough to choose which products to funnel more money into – strollers, car seats, combination seats, or all three?

With the gb Lyfe Travel System, a lot of these worries are tossed out the window because this product provides you with a combination stroller, with several different modes of use, as well as a car seat that can be inserted or removed from the stroller itself. But is it worth buying?

What makes the GB Lyfe Travel System good?

This product has a lot of interesting features that make it a good purchase, combining the best aspects of several different types of travel product into one unit. The whole thing comes in at less than two hundred bucks before taxes, so you’re saving a ton of money.

The car seat

This innovative unit has a detachable car seat that can be used as the seat of your stroller. It can be easily removed and secured into your car, then easily removed again. The switch doesn’t take a lot of time and you don’t have to deal with complicated procedures.

  • The unit comes with a stay-in car base that ensures it’ll stay fixed in the back seat when in use. The car seat installs into the stroller with a nice, satisfying click that tells you that you’re ready to start moving.
  • Rear-facing infants are supported between 4 and 35 pounds, and they’ll be held up until they grow to 32 inches long.

The stroller

The stroller makes use of a feature that allows your baby to be either forward facing or rear facing, which is a unique feature for a stroller. You can walk with baby facing you or facing the world, depending on their personal preference!

  • There’s a European pram mode that can be used when your baby wants to take naps. This will shield them from excessive sun or wind, so they can be comfortable regardless of the element.
    • A durable, expandable airflow canopy can be stretched over the opening in either forward or rear-facing mode. It provides great ventilation for summer months while also retaining some level of heat during the colder seasons.
  • There’s a full recline system that allows you to adjust your child’s angle depending on their size and preference, ensuring that they remain comfortable for the duration of the ride.

The whole unit is foldable with a very simple method. It’s got a two-hand, one-step system that allows you to fold the entire unit into a much more compact size. This makes it ideal for carrying around airports or for moving between the car and the house.


The stroller itself has a nice set of two-touch brakes which allow you to easily and smoothly decelerate if you find yourself going too fast or if you need to stop and check out some scenery with your toddler.

There’s a slick rear-suspension system which allows you to take the stroller on less-than-ideal roads and sidewalks without compromising the comfort of your baby. Suspension systems are optimal for strollers because even in the plushest urban environments you’re bound to encounter some rough terrain.

  • The wheels are different sizes, with 7-inch wheels in the front and 9-inch wheels in the back. This allows for superior control of the unit while making turns. The wheels are made of EVA foam which provides a little bit of give on rough terrain while maintaining enough sturdiness not to compromise your ride.
  • There are cup holders that can be used by both the child and the parents, which ensures that you’ll be able to keep your kid hydrated. This also helps to develop healthy hydration habits!
  • The seat uses a standard 5-point harness, which is the industry standard for safety straps that you can use on an infant car seat. Five point harnesses are easily adjusted and ensure maximum comfort, but they can get tangled up fairly easily if you’re not careful when you’re adjusting the straps.

Comfort and features

The seat is made from a very silky and smooth material that ensures comfort for your baby. The canopy itself feels a bit loose at first, but once you get used to it, it’s got a great feel that protects your baby from excessive sunshine, from wind and from rain, all while being breathable enough to provide a good experience.

There’s a huge basket beneath the stroller for storage which is accessible from both the front and the back. This makes it extra convenient, considering this is both a front and rear-facing stroller.

In conclusion

Overall, this gb Lyfe Travel System is a great option for families who are hoping to save a few bucks on their travel gear for their baby. Instead of having to buy several strollers throughout infancy and early toddlerhood, as well as an extra seat, this unit combines a car seat with several types of strollers that are universally easy to adjust and access.

The safety features are on point, and the wheels and suspension ensure that you’ll have a smooth ride no matter where you go. The bottom basket is very accessible and there are enough bonus features for different weather conditions that ensure you’ll have a good time with your baby the whole time you use this thing.