Review of Graco Modes Travel System, Davis

Buying a new piece of equipment for moving your toddler from point A to point B can be a bit of a daunting task. Should you get a kid’s car seat? If so, what kind – convertible, rear or front facing? What about a stroller, or even a convertible stroller? There are so many choices that new parents will undoubtedly find themselves stressed out during the purchase of new equipment.

Fortunately, the Graco Modes Travel System combines the best of these options. The Graco Modes Travel System combines not only three different types of strollers in one, but also provides a kid’s seat.

How can I know this is a good quality product?

Sure, it sounds enticing – three types of strollers and a kids car seat all in the same product, and for a reasonable price! Still, you have to be sure that any kid’s product in which you’re investing money meets the safety standards set by the federal regulation.


When buying an infant’s car seat, safety is the first concern, and this model is no exception. Though the majority of your money is going towards the diverse functions of the stroller, the kid’s carseat is the most important in regards to safety.

  • All kids’ safety seats need to have some sort of harness, typically a five-point harness. These allow for ease of adjustment while maintaining a level of comfort for your child.
  • Kids’ seats need to have side-impact protection – this is a level of harder, more durable foam or a hard shell that cradles the head safely in the event of an impact. In case of impact, this feature distributes shock throughout the rest of the seat, minimizing any damage and providing an extra layer of safety.

Strollers also require several safety features that ensure your baby won’t be harmed if you hit a snag in the sidewalk.

  • They need a restraint system that will buckle them into the scooter. This is typically done in the form of something similar to a seat belt. Many strollers have some sort of crotch strap as well.
  • The structure of the stroller and the wheels it rolls on must be made from durable materials. Some strollers have double wheels on the front to make steering sharper – this scooter does well with a single set of wheels in the front and one in the back, while maintaining a good turning radius.

Graco, being one of the most popular companies for developing baby technology, certainly meets these safety requirements with flying colors. They’re certified not just at the federal level, but also at international standards.


This is where the Graco Modes Travel System really shines. It’s one of the coolest models on the market for parents who need a variety of baby seats or stroller varieties, and don’t want to spend a ton of money on them.

  • The infant car seat carrier is the first mode provided here. This includes the SnugRide Click Connect 35 infant seat, which has received some of the best ratings on the market. It’s got a rear-facing weight limit of 4 and 35 pounds and can hold a baby up to 32 inches.
  • The infant stroller is a unique variety in that it’s reversible so you can have your baby facing you or facing away from you. This is rarely seen in strollers, let alone in convertible strollers such as this one. The seat reclines in four different positions to provide the highest level of comfort for your baby.
  • The toddler stroller is the third and final evolution of this stroller. It holds up to fifty pounds and has a leg rest that you can extend so your child is comfortable as they continue to grow.

Among these modes are various ways to use the stroller.

  • The infant mode has a heavy duty wind guard which protects your child from the elements and keeps them warm.
  • The bassinet mode allows for easy and comfortable transportation of both the baby and the unit.

This stroller is foldable by use of a one-hand standing fold, and rests on a kickstand so you don’t have to worry about it falling over. The whole thing has a total of ten different ways that you and your toddler can use it, ensuring that your needs will be met while the two of you are out and about.

The unit weighs only 23.5 pounds so you won’t overexert yourself pushing it around, and it’s also not super heavy to carry when it’s folded up. Unfortunately, the infant seat itself isn’t the sturdiest and doesn’t live up to the individual review standards of some of Graco’s other seats, but the fact that it’s included as a part of this whole package at a marginal price means you’re still getting your money’s worth.

The fabric used in the model is an attractive color, and is smooth and soft under your infant’s skin. However it’s not the most breathable material, and people have reported that it sweats even in air conditioning when you’re using the seat in the car.


When you look at this entire package, it gives a quality impression and lives up to the standards that it suggests. You’re saving quite a bit of money by buying a package deal like this – instead of having to buy three separate strollers and a car seat, you just have to make one purchase and make some small adjustments when switching modes.

The setup is easy and the adjustments are simple, so you won’t spend hours consumed by irritating switches. The Graco Modes Travel System unit is quite durable, and while the car seat itself isn’t really up to par with other car seats made by this company, it still meets federal safety standards and you can be sure that your child will be safe and comfortable.

You’ll be able to use this unit throughout your baby’s infancy and into toddlerhood and early childhood, so you can’t really go wrong.