Types of Strollers

Are you a first time parent looking for a convenient stroller for your little angel? Well, you’re at the right place because this post will reveal to you the different types of strollers and how each one of them differs from the other.

Why buy a stroller?

When a baby is born, parents feel the urge to shop for everything a baby might need. One of the items on the list is a baby stroller; but is it really necessary? With advancing technology, strollers have become more reliable because they bring together excellent features all in one unit to make it easy, safe and reliable for parents to transport their babies.

The downside of strollers

Although baby strollers are excellent and perfect in so many ways, it’s worth noting that these products can cause health related issues to your baby if overused.

According to many doctors, if a baby is introduced to infant car seats at an early age, it’s likely that the child will develop a condition known as plagiocephaly or flattening at the back of the head. According to pediatricians, a baby should spend less than four hours a day in a stroller.

Having shared that piece of information with you, I think it’s perfect if we now discuss about the types of baby strollers available in the market.

Travel System

These types of strollers are considered to be a package that combines a stroller and a car seat to allow easy carriage of your baby without disturbing them. These strollers are of good quality but the best part is that they give you a chance to comfortably place your baby in an infant car seat regardless of their age.

However, despite their creative design and combination, travel systems are not recommended by most pediatricians because they can easily lead to plagiocephaly (a condition where your baby’s head becomes flat at the back after resting in one position for too long).  To avoid this problem, parents are advised to use the car seat less often when strolling with their babies.

Standard Full-Sized Strollers

Standard strollers are the next types of strollers parents should consider. Also known as traditional strollers, these units are mostly bulky, expensive and feature-filled to keep your baby comfortable when strolling.

These strollers mostly come with a special car seat or a bassinet to keep your baby safe. Among the additional features present in these strollers include a large canopy, parent/child trays, a storage basket, large maneuverable all terrain tires and a full reclining seat.

Constructed from aluminum frames, standard strollers are durable and capable of withstanding the test of time.

Jogging Strollers

Just as their name suggest, jogging strollers are designed for active parents who enjoy jogging and exercising on a daily basis. These strollers feature a 3-wheel design which includes two inflatable bicycle tires at the back and one smaller or equal sized inflatable tire at the front.

The front tire is always swivel designed to allow for easy maneuverability. Jogging strollers come with a large canopy to shield baby from the elements as well as a large storage compartment (below the seat) where parents can place their children’s items such as diaper bags.

These strollers are considered to be lighter and come with a 3 to 5-point harness as well as shock suspensions to keep your baby safe while running or jogging.

Double Strollers

Another type of stroller that’s quite common in most homes is the double stroller. Are you a parent expecting a baby only to discover it’s twins? Or maybe, are you a parent who has given birth to a second baby?

Either way, there’s nothing to fear because double strollers are here to relieve you from any stress. Available in either tandem or side-by-side design, double strollers offer a convenient way of strolling with your babies without leaving either of them out.

These strollers are usually light (with a standard weight of 21—36 pounds) and are compact enough to fit most standard doorways. Depending on your children (either twins or an infant and an older sibling) parents can purchase double strollers with identical seats or one with a special infant seat and a rear standing seat for a bigger kid.

Finally, these strollers have the capacity to support children with a total weight of 70 pounds all the way to 100 pounds.


There are other types of strollers available in the market which include triple strollers, umbrella strollers and luxury strollers.

Depending with what you really need, through proper research and comparing these common stroller types, you’ll be able to purchase a unit that will keep your baby comfortable as well as give you a simplified strolling experience while enjoying a cool afternoon with your young ones.