What is A Travel System Stroller?

Baby strollers are a great help for parents who have infants or toddlers. They are not only used for carrying and transporting kids, but also provide a safe place for them. Infant car seats, on the other hand, are designed to secure children while traveling.

They prevent injuries should there be car accidents. Although most strollers are ready for car seats to be attached to them, it is always better to have a travel system instead.

A travel system looks like a standard stroller but comes with an infant car seat. And since they come in one package, the advantage of this product is that the infant car seat fits perfectly to the stroller.

So if your baby is sleeping, you just need to detach the whole car seat and affix it to the stroller. Your baby won’t even feel that he is being transferred but instead will continue having a good nap. However, most travel system strollers are heavier than standard strollers.

That is why there are companies that have created a lightweight travel system. As the name suggests, this product is lighter, smaller and easier to carry, yet still has advanced features.

Common Features

The benefit of a compatible stroller and infant car seat is not just for parent’s convenience. It is for your child’s safety, too. Since your infant is in the development stage, he does not have full control of his muscles and cannot hold up his head.

Therefore, this feature of a travel system stroller is also for baby’s safety. The car seat provides support to the baby’s whole body, especially the neck. Other important features that you should find in a good travel system stroller are the 5-point safety harness and brakes.

Whether you prefer a lightweight travel system stroller or a full sized, make sure that both the car seat and the stroller have these safety features. You might also want to check if there is a storage space for your baby items as well as cup holders and bells.

The Best Lightweight Travel System

FastAction Fold DLX

Graco is the company behind the invention of the ar seat and stroller combination. And if there is one brand that offers the best of its kind, that’s none other than Graco. One of their top sellers is the FastAction Fold that folds the stroller in one step.

You only need to pull on the strap of the seat and you are ready to go. It weighs 22 lbs., which you can carry around with one hand. Of course, it comes with a SnugRide 30 car seat that has a maximum weight capacity of 30 lbs.

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This product might be the lightest you will see in the market, but it can safely carry up to 50 lbs. Your child will feel comfortable lying on the reclinable seat. The handle bar is adjustable, too.

The product has four single wheels that promise to provide stability and durability just like a standard design of a stroller. Furthermore, it also comes in different colors that match the Graco SnugRide car seat.

Best Full Sized Travel System Stroller

Chicco Bravo

This product is something your child can use even if he gets bigger. The toddler seat offers safety to children up to 50 lbs. but is surprisingly lighter than the other full sized travel system strollers.

The removable seat called the Chicco Keyfit car seat is easy to detach from the stroller and transfer to the car using a latch system. Other features include a reclining seat, all-wheel suspension for a smooth ride, large amount of storage, stand-alone fold, and an extending sun canopy.

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UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller & the UPPAbaby Mesa Car Seat

Packed with amazing features, this product is indeed a top-seller. It is so versatile and flexible that every parent dad out there will love everything about this product. This travel system stroller can squeeze through doorways and narrow aisles even if you are steering with one hand.

Rough or rocky surfaces and sidewalks are not a problem. The seat does not only recline to different angles but is also reversible. What’s fascinating about this compact-style stroller is the huge storage basket, adjustable handle bar, and the light indicator of the car seat that shows a green color if the seat is secured properly.